Last night, I was told that I would have a big meeting on Monday with a potentially new client. So, I sat down opened up my Mac Pro and popped into powerpoint and started building a slide show for the presentation. As, I was working out the details of each slide, it dawned on me that I was doing things all wrong… I am a mobile developer and designer…  I do this for a living… I have every gadget known to man in front of me… why am I doing this in powerpoint to only have to display it on my iPad.

I popped into Xcode and started coding…

I took the idea of turning my designs into a story book that I could leave with my new clients.  Flipbook meets “Our Choice” iPad app. If you have not seen this app, it is fantastic.

So, my idea was to start off with a high impact load  scene, then you go into the app where we start with a slowly moving message of introduction. the user could scroll each page and see designs and application that I had worked on… So, off I went..

As, I got into things I decided to add even more excitement to the app… What if I took some of the code I wrote for the original apps and make the pages come alive with real actions like scrolling, popups and animation. But not just any old animations… I reproduce features in the original apps…

As I coded each page into the late hours of the night, the 10 page presentation, became an iPad story of applications. Each page telling a diffrent story of how it became, the process it took and the outcome.

– I will report back on client feedback later and let you know if this approach made an impact on their descision.