After a year of hard work, we have finally launched a company and product.

Do you enjoy playing games with friends and family online? Do you wish the games you play had real world benefits? Have you tried dieting in the past and dreaded it? Well, here’s your solution. DietVille is a social game that helps you lose weight and stay connected. It’s effective, fun, and free.

What is DietVille?

DietVille is a social game that is available as an application through Facebook. It’s a fun game designed to help you lose weight. Yes, that’s right, we said fun!

We’ve taken what works in weight loss and brought it to you in a nontraditional, virtual, and most importantly, effective format. It’s no longer just about counting calories, finding time to exercise, or that dreaded public weigh-in. Now’s it about so much more.

By engaging in activities within the game you earn experience points, coins and dollars, and advance to higher levels.  You’ll be looking forward to: finding new clothes and accessories for your avatar, racing to complete your tasks, and decorating your DietVille house.  All the while, you will be losing weight too!

So how much is all of this going to cost you? Don’t worry, DietVille is completely affordable: it’s free! You could sink tons of money into finding a new you, or you could achieve so much more with DietVille. Not only are you connecting socially and having fun in our game, but you’re also building a healthier you in the process. And you don’t have to spend a fortune to accomplish it.

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