A Diet You’ll Want to Stick With
DietVille is a world that takes you away from the daily grind and submerses you into a place where weight loss is fun. Receive a personalized meal plan. Log food and exercise in the extensive databases. Make Buddies to keep you motivated. And accomplish goals to earn DietVille Coins to go shopping at the DietVille Mall to decorate your Avatar and DietVille Home.Lean More… Longer Description.Wish the games you played had real world benefits? Tried dieting in the past and dreaded it? Well, here’s your solution: DietVille is a free social weight loss game where you can virtually watch the pounds slip away all while having fun. Yes, that’s right. We’ve made dieting into an addictive game.

We’ve taken what works in weight loss and brought it to you in a nontraditional, virtual and, most importantly, effective formant. By logging your food and exercises in our extensive databases, keeping in touch with your DietVille Buddies, accepting weight loss challenges and losing some pounds, you’ll receive virtual Coins and Dollars to decorate your DietVille Home and advance to different levels in the game. And that’s just the beginning.

It’s effective, addictive and fun. Stay entertained. Stay connected. Stay on track. And change the way you look…at everything.

Key Features:

AVATAR: When you lose weight, your Avatar will too, so create a virtual, mini you.

NUTRITION PLAN: We do the hard work for you with a personalized nutritional plan.

DIARY: With over 100,000 foods and over 250 different exercises to search, it will be easy to track your foods and weight loss progress.

TRAINER: Choose from six different virtual DietVille Trainers to help keep you motivated.

DIETVILLE MALL: When you start losing weight, use coins and dollars you’ve earned through the game to shop in the DietVille Mall and other stores to dress your Avatar when its old clothes are too loose.

CHALLENGES: Gladiators meets The Biggest Loser. Challenge a DietVille Buddy or be challenged to a friendly competition to keep you motivated and earn DietVille Coins.

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