A complete library, that grew from WordPress, which offers the most common tasks for creating web applications like user management, HTTP transactions, logging, formatting and more.

PHP User Class

The class aims to ease the handling of user management tasks like registration, login, logout, etc. for PHP-MySQL applications.



Do you want to automate the process of generating keywords or meta tags from the content? This is what  phpSEO does.

It can create any desired number of keywords from a given string or URL, generate a description and does all with not using any banned words you define.

PHP Typography

PHP class for improving web typography with features like hyphenation, spacing control, wrapping of long text, character replacement for items like ordinal suffixes, trademark or math symbols and more.

Tag Cloud

The class creates tag clouds from a given array of items where each tag can have its own color, URL and style.


Handling Documents


A set of PHP classes for writing to and reading from different file formats, like Excel, PDF and HTML.

It supports many MS Excel features like adding worksheets to a spreadsheet, inserting data and formulas to cells, calculating formulas and much more.


Set of classes for reading and writing to Powerpoint documents and supports adding slides, rotating images and more.


A complete PHP PDF class with features like custom page formats or margins, support for images and automatic page header/footer management.

It can also handle document encryption, PDF annotations, bookmarks and table of content.


A PDF generator class with flexible page format and margins support. It can automatically arrange page breaks and can insert images into documents.


Compared to many PHP zipping libraries, this class does not require  “writable temp directory” and can generate + start the download after the client timeouts (good for huge files).


File Uploads, Images & Colors


A clean and simple PHP file upload class which can also delete the file uploaded and get the size + filename of it


PHP class for manipulating and uploading image files on-the-fly.

It can convert, resize and work on uploaded images in many ways: add labels, watermarks and reflections.

Image Resizing Made Easy with PHP

A PHP class which can open, resize (smart resizing with no distortion) and save a number of images in multiple formats.

It is explained very well with a detailed tutorial.


A feature-rich PHP library for image manipulations by providing a simple way to loading and saving images from/to files, strings, database, uploads and URL addresses.

You can apply filters, get channels, merge, resize, crop or rotate images using the library.


A powerful PHP image processor with features like resize, rotate, watermak, frame, convert, rotate, crop and much more.


An impressive class to make various calculations on colors like converting between formats (HEX,RGB,HSL/HSV), getting the end color when a color is added to or removed from a pallette and more.