I just finished a new product for jewelry manufactures to showcase their products in retail stores. The jump from software development to service provider was a natural progression for me. I have been developing custom Concierge software for over 4 years now. With customers like Tacori and ArtCarved, you quickly lear the business.

My new company Simporos, still in beta has some heavy hitters working with us. This is extremely exciting as we are finally able to connect the dots between the manufacturer, retailer and consumer.  Our clients are able to view real time data and Google Analytics showing product, retailer & consumer information that was only a dream a few years ago.  The web portal allows our clients to make instant changes to images, descriptions, & pricing on their own without having to go through the Apple submission process.  All future updates to the infrastructure of the app, platform and web portal will be handled directly by the Simporos team and are included in the subscription costs.  Gone are the days of testflight and its associated costs.  You will be able to preview your changes and publish instantly once the desired look is achieved.   This platform has a multitude of new features available for both B2B and B2C alike.

We have completed the iPad offering and are busy working on the iPhone and the Kindle.

As we prepared for our launch, we prepared a quick commercial for the world. This is not the final version, but an idea we played with.. stay tuned for the final version.