I just want to start off by saying sorry for just rambling on…  Sometimes I just want to speak whats on my mind…

The time is almost here when the highly anticipate arrival if IOS6 is here. I don’t think I have been this excited since the first showing of the iPad. There are many great features of  built into the high performance if IOS6 with a big mention to the anticipated PassBook service.

I have been working with  Passbook for months now learning all the ins-and-outs of the architecture. For many of us that went through the days of push notification, you understand what I mean. As simple as Passbook is to the users, the infrastructure  to make such a simple pass show up on your device is a steep hill to climb.

On my way home today, I was testing a service that I developed on the train. Happily designing and sending passes to my iPhone. When I caught a glimpse of wood-be IOS6 users looking at my iPhone as it received push messages to update.  Out of the crowd I hear, “That is cool!”. “He is updating his airline ticket and his phone is instantly showing the change.”

At that moment, I realized the true potential of what Apple is building. Everyone has ready the hype of NFC and the disappointment  of it not being in the iPhone 5. But at that very moment it was clear, something that us programmers preach. “KISS” or “Keep It Simple Stupid”. Apple has created the simplest way to get the public behind the idea of an electronic wallet by transforming the gift card market. Everyone understand how a gift card  works. you, receive a card, you purchase something, you pay with the card and Passbook is that simple.

I have been programming in IOS for 5 years now and Passbook is a whole new world for me. Moving from objective c to php and ruby was a challenge for me. I was use to working with TableViews and transitions, now I was working with something that I could not see a result for weeks. After long nights and a lot of  counseling from web veterans, I prevailed. I have to say, it is all worth it when complete strangers acknowledge your work.

In closing, I have to say learning Passbook as been a fun journey but I am happy to be at the destination. If you have questions or want to take a look at what was built, I have put the url at the bottom of this blog.  Now that I have a service, I am going to build a kickass product using IOS6.