Today we released a passbook template community area in PassHound. Now, our PassHound community can create and share their best passbook templates. I have friends that are designers and they wanted a place to create and showcase some of their passbook talent, so they emailed me with their requirements and we thought it would be a great idea.

To activate the sharing feature, just look for the sharing button on the upper right corner of the template designer to activate sharing. You can pick and choose what templates you would like to share with the community and stop sharing at anytime.

Looking at the design you can see we divided the page into 2 areas, the top area is for the top downloaded templates. We use a rounded design for the top rated templates like you would see at the podium in the olympics, “The best of the best”. The bottom area is for the rest of the templates that are shared.

To use the templates, simply click  and save the templates to your local template folder. Thats is, now you can start using the template as if it were your very own.