passbook retailer scanner

PassHound passbook retail scanner

Over at PassHound, we  have been banging our heads against the wall trying to understand why retailers aren’t using Apple’s passbook. And it is clear to us now, they dont have the tools and the cashier companies are not equipped to make the transition to card free payments, unless you are the likes of Square. For the last 4 months, we have been building a passbook platform and have recently closed some significant deals with cashier system companies. All be it, these are great wins, but I want to be ready when the small retails of the world are ready to engage their customers. PassHound is a robust and mature backend for distributing Apple Passbook’s to the masses and has already built a great reputation, but their are pieces that are missing to complete the engagement.

So, we sat down and programmed a hand scanner to validate our passes. Not ,just any scanner, we made the scanner smarter than the ones most retailers use today. Our PassHound scanner, scans the Apple passcard, verifies the card,  shows the image and determines the type of pass and performs pass validity, or  decrements if its a loyalty card, so no more single card solutions for retailers.

Overall, the team at PassHound are working hard to close the loop for small retails to take advantage of Apple passbook and are creating great tools to increase productivity.