Looking around I see a common theme with Apple’s Passbook technology, no one really knows what to do with it. Several organizations such as the MLB have figured out how to use the passes,  but most not quite sure what to do, or their passes lack luster. So, the folks at PassHound put together a couple of real world examples of how to use PassHound Passbooks on your everyday web sites.

I tested the hotel demo, dont let the demos fool you, they are working demos using the PassHound API. I was like wow, this looks like a real website… So I filled in the registration page… really not expecting anything super from it. Then I received an email from PassHound. PassHound does something different, their  emails have  an image of the pass,  which is really nice to see, but then I noticed something I never saw before,  I saw my name on the pass image. Once I loaded the pass on my  iPhone, it had all of the information that I filled in on the website page. As far as Apple Passbook demos goes, this one was the best I have ever seen.

Although this was a demo, the PassHound service is a full fledge platform for integrating Apple PassBook technology into your websites, mobile applications and cashier systems.

PassHound Hotel Demo

Apple Passbook PassHound Hotel Demo