To keep passbook alive, I have created another tool to show off the power of Apple’s Passbook platform. I use LinkedIn every day to connect with my fellow colleagues, now that my connects are getting plentiful, its becoming more of a task. So, I sat down and used the PassHound API to build a cool little web app to take my LinkedIn connects and turn them into passes.

ImageA couple months ago I made an iPhone app, but friends of mine that had Android devices wanted to use the tool, so this time, I wrote it as a web app for all to use. I am not a web guy, so I looked to a friend of mine to assist me in the project and it works great. Simply, connect to your LinkedIn account and the web app delivers all of your connections at a glance. A simple click on the passbook icon and a pass is generates. PassLinked is a fresh idea to show how to use passbook, I hope you agree.