I have been assisting the PasHound guys with building PasssHound.com, an Apple passbook service provider of the last 5 months now and I have to say things are coming along nicely for the team. They have create some really nice product offering, they have created what I see as one of the best platforms for delivering pass to the masses. The interface is easy to use and simple to create passes. The idea of creating templates that serve as the basis for creating what I call “Pass Merging” is  ingenious. Pass Merging is similar to an old term “Mail Merge”, build a template and add data to make unique identical passes from the template. The only piece to the “Pass Merge” is the uploaded which as of this writing will be release in a couple weeks, at which time anyone can create mass passes for their customers.

Passbook for Android

Passbook for Android

But, one of the biggest things that PassHound has is a dedicated white label server. Most of the services out there only provide access to their base branded servers similar to passhound.com. But, PassHound has gone one step further and provides a dedicated server running the passhound services, but with your name and logos this is a great idea for companies that dont want the passhound brand splattered all over their passess. The servers start at $399.00 plus an additional cost for each user account, but its worth the c=price if your offing  the service at a cost to other customers.

But, the biggest thing they are delivering is a passbook clone for Android. They will be the first company with a complete suite of products owned and operated by a single company. An Android passbook app will give them leverage to create end-to-end custom IOS/Android offerings for big brand companies.

Look for the Android app in the Google Store in February!