PassHound Passbook for Android is now in production. For information about the most current version please visit this page for release notes. We are glad to announce that a new PassHound app for Android phones is now available. This application is currently in beta release, and we ask for your help in testing and validating it on as many different Android devices and operating systems as possible.

We always welcome our customers to contact our technical support desk at any time with questions or difficulties that you may encounter.

Beta App Limitations

Image1. Currently the PassHound app for Android does not support push notification for updates. Although this is a key feature of the IOS app, we are working hard to enable Google’s push service into the PassHound product line.

2. Because Android is a service based operating system, we may have misses some of the possible launch options. We are aware that loading a pass from web is not working and will have a fix if this shortly.

3. We have tested over 300 passes over the last month and have made great improvement to the layouts. If you encounter a pass that has an issue, please provide us a picture of the pass ans send a brief description in an email to: Beta Emailer

While the PassHound app is in beta release it will be available for download only from this page. Once we have a production version ready to go, we will also list the application on the Android Market.

In order to use the app from this website, you need to enable installation from “non-Market” or “unknown sources.” To do this, open the main Android settings, select the Application section, and then make sure the “Unknown sources” box is checked.

Next, you can download the app using the following link:

If you download directly onto your Android device, the application will install right away. Alternatively, you can download to a PC and then transfer to your Android device using a USB cable.