It’s been a while since I have done a post. Over the last six month I have been focusing on my fitness and wellness. As I entered into my new quest, I had to work up a game plan for losing the weight and monitoring my performance. As I looked around, I was dumb founded at how hard it was to find a single product to store and analyze my daily food and workout information. To make it even more complicated I wanted my gadget data stored as well, Nike fuel band, running watch with gps and wahoo heart monitor data.

After a couple weeks of floundering around the internet, I decided to build my own fitness diagnostic platform. Like all of my projects, they solve a life problem for me. So, I sat down with the guys, worked up a design and started coding. After about 30 days, we had a working interface that I could manually enter my information and see the results and I was amazed!

So, I showed a couple friends of mine and they agreed that the information returned was fantastic and they quickly wanted to know where to signup. I took this information back and we feverishly started working on a full product.

TRULEE, is a body diagnostic tool that is primarily driven by body activity devices that we use everyday. I listed my gadgets above… The interface is packed with information and graphs that are derived from basic input data that you enter each day and with gadgets it takes minutes a day!

We are weeks always from a release date, so stay tuned for more information on the product and launch.