Tracking your steps will be so 2012 if the sensor-packed athletic tank that the folks at Hexoskin have designed takes off. The company, which was formed in 2006, recently launched an Indiegogo campaign featuring a shirt that contains an ECG sensor, two breathing sensors and an accelerometer.

This is a washable shirt, much like the folks at Heapsylon are doing with washable sensor-packed socks, and the data this shirt generates looks pretty impressive. The shirt contains the sensors, but to transmit that information you plug a box into the shirt (there’s a pocket it slips into), and then you view the data on a smartphone app.

The retail price is $399, which is a hefty chunk of change if you are happy with your Jawbone Up or Fuelband. But if you’re a hardcore athlete or maybe a research scientist, this product looks reasonable. Hexoskin CEO Pierre-Alexandre Fournier tells me that…

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