Ok all, we are officially open for business on Friday! We still have a ways to go with development of all the services, but I think there is enough done to get your valuable feedback. So, for everyone that signs up and gives us a solid month of your fitness time, we will provide you with a Trulee teeshirt and will waive our premium fees when we launch some really cool features later this year.

So the rules are simple, enter your food, exercise, and water at a minimum and provide us with your feedback on the progress of the website. If your a gadget person like us and have a Nike+ Fuelband, Fitbit or Wahoo Heart monitor we can download your information right from your account. If you have any other device, we will get to you soon, we are currently working on integrating over 100 devices from 35 companies.

If you have any questions please email me: troy.simon@trulee.co

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