Google I/O keynote

8:10 – I am waiting in line for the keynote, I am glad to have a super power company pass from my company Zillow because my line has about 400 people and the general public line has 3000 people wrapping around the walls of the Moscone Center.


8:30 Just let into the keynote hall, the excitement is in the air. People dashing all around looking for the best seat in the house to hear about the new and exciting products!


8:49 The hall is filling up quickly, everyone is taking photos and participating in the Pre-event warm up. There is some club music echoing through the hall with colored lights… It’s a party in here !!

8:59 it’s beginning!


9:16 Now there is geofencing, activity recognition API ‘s.

9:20 Wow, google has done a great job with single sign-in. On your website you can now automatically download a websites android app, if they have one, directly to your android device when you log into the website.

9:22 GCM Upstream messaging, now you can send messages to your server!

9:28 There is a new Android IDE (Android Studio) released today and it bring competition to Xcode!

9:38 Android Console has Alpha and Beta treating rollout for production.!

10:07 Google has introduced new jpeg (WEBP) and video (VP9) that reduce media by 40%.

10:09 Chrome us reduced the check out process much simpler from 11 steps to 3 steps. This is great because it also synchs your payment info across devices.

10:15 Wow, Chrome has added the ability to connect devices together to create a single game!


10:35 Google Hangout looks great and now supports related hash tags and image recognition of photos., so if you have a photo of Moscone Center, Hangout will add the hash tag.


10:38 Google Hangout for all. It is on all devices today!
10:38 Google photo is upgraded to 5GB free space today. Google has added a process that pics the best photos from your camera roll through photo analysis, this is a really cool technology.


11:08 I have been a longtime Apple fanboy, but watching Google Now for mobile and desktop, I am finding it really hard to stay. Google Now makes Siri look like a toy. I will wait until WWDC to make judgment.

11:18 Google Maps


Google Maps for mobile is really cool, it has all the features that people want and it looks like it works!


The new Google maps has a new and cool fly in to building feature. The map is now full screen with all of the needed information as popup windows hovering over the map.


The Explore feature can turn a boring weekend into sow thing great, just click on Explore and wonder around the map until you find something you like, view recommendations from others to chart out your day.

Taking transit is great now, Maps even comes with a gantt like chart of transit schedules.

Wow, they have added a 3D photo tour that I have never seen! Leap Motion is user generated photos that are converted into 3D. They just did a demo of Maps and it will blow your mind!



12:02 We are at the end and are doing Q/A now..




Google I/O

Today I went to pick up my pass for Google I/O and I have to say it was an enjoyable process. When I showed up, there was a line of 300+ people in front of me and we stood around for about 5-10 min. Walkers by, we’re wondering if the line would be shorter later in the day..

After about 10 min. We started moving and I walked right up to the door. At entry I pulled out my email walked up to the kiosk and scanned my code and that was it! Man that was great.



Dunkin Donuts Now Accepts Passbook Payments

Dunkin Donuts Now Accepts Passbook Payments.

Samsung Takes Note Of Apple’s Passbook And Fires Back With Its Own Wallet App | TechCrunch

Samsung Takes Note Of Apple’s Passbook And Fires Back With Its Own Wallet App | TechCrunch.

Passbook as a simple iphone application



There are many people confused as to what to do with Apple Passbook platform. Over the previous months I have demonstrated how I used passbook for my business cards, connected passbook to LinkedIn to retrieve my LinkedIn connections.

While watching an NBA game, it came to me to use Apple Passbook as a simple application. I sat down and signed into my PassHound account and created my new NBA pass, wrote some php code to pull the scores and pushed it to the PassHound server and by half time I was reviewing scores on my IPhone.

Passbook as a simple application has great potential for people that can’t afford a programmer, don’t have time to wait for a custom solution or just need something quick.

If you would like for me to put a solution together using PassHound and Apple’s PassBook, leave me a comment.

PassHound Mobile

PassHound Mobile

PassHound has a new iPhone app that will make it easy to load up your passhound passes on your mobile devices.

PassHound Serves Up Apple Passbook Passes and Streamlines the Entire Process



PassHound has today announced the availability of dedicated enterprise server solutions for businesses hoping to take advantage of Apple’s iOS Passbook feature.

Online Sources (PRWEB) 14, January 2013 – PassHound, an innovative service provider in the technology industry, has today announced the debut of dedicated enterprise server solutions vital to any company hoping to make use of Apple’s Passbook.

 PassHound is a comprehensive set of building blocks to enable the rapid creation and deployment of Apple Passbooks. Passbook users can design their passes using the PassHound graphical interface designer to visually design the end Passbook product with no programming needed. The enterprise server solution from PassHound offers companies their own cloud-based server stored in the PassHound cloud, a subdomain, necessary certificates and a custom-branded version of the web services. For clients who aren’t technology-oriented, all the servers are completely managed by PassHound.

Enterprise servers come in four configurations, with prices starting at $399.99 (plus a user charge):

  • Small 1GB (1 CPU)
  • Medium 8GB (2 CPUs)
  • Large 16GB (3 CPUs)
  • Extra Large 32 GB (4 CPUs)

Mark Reid, Software Director for PassHound, said, “Developing the platform to deploy a single pass is months of work. For companies that don’t have the time or budget, PassHound offers a turnkey solution that will have you distributing loyalty cards to your customers in days, not months.”

PassHound software offers a complete suite of tools to get customers up and running quickly. These include:

  • Template Share – Share templates with the community by simply clicking the Share button in the template designer. Once shared, others can use the work as a basis for their Passbook templates.
  • Template Designer – Clients can use the WYSIWYG Template Designer to lay out their design. Once done, they can use the template to create personal passes for mass distribution.
  • Pass Designer – Pass Designer is another WYSIWYG tool used to populate templates with information. After completing a pass, users can click Send Pass to send the pass via email or SMS.
  • Email Designer – Email Designer allows users to send customized email messages along with passes. As an added touch, users also have the option to send an image of the pass to view before installation.

What Is Passbook?

The role of Passbook is to organize coupons, e-tickets, promotions and gift cards right on an individual’s mobile device. Passbook is a convenient alternative to plastic cards, with a built-in management system that includes location and time-based alerts, so when users walk by their local mall, passes automatically appear on their phone when needed. This shift in engagement between the merchant and the consumer has the potential to significantly increase business opportunities for merchants and engage their customers.

For more information about PassHound or the company’s enterprise server solutions, visit

About PassHound: PassHound was one of the original Passbook service providers servicing Apple Passbook passes from day one. The company enables merchants, agents, POS developers and VARs to achieve strategic business advantage through the delivery of Apple Passbook technologies, offer and program solutions and merchant services that dramatically enhance the merchant-customer experience. PassHound is one of the fastest growing and innovative Passbook solution companies in North America. 

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