Technical visionary with over 20 years experience developing IT strategy, architecture, R&D and the software development of mission-critical computing solutions is seeking to utilize award winning development and executive management experience in an environment that fosters innovation and encourages out-of-the-box thinking.

Professional Skills

Technical – OBJECTIVE-C, JAVA, XML, J2EE, C, C++, JAVA STRUTS, WEBSPHERE, RMI and JNDI, Macromedia MX, Windows NT, UNIX, COM, DCOM, Web technologies, .NET, EAI, relational databases, MSSQL, ORACLE, IBM MQ, MSMQ, distributed computing, workflow, desktop & enterprise integration and UI design, graphics programming, animation, real-time data, neural networks, genetic algorithms, compiler design, desktop architecture, data access abstractions, middleware, fault tolerant architectures, enterprise application integration

Business Exemplary business/technology leadership, technology strategy, relationship management and negotiation skills.

Functional Summary

  • Manage software engineering departments.
  • Worked in large-scale application implementation projects.
  • Develop enterprise solutions for complex systems.
  • Data mapping and synchronization techniques.
  • Complete project life-cycle including business needs analysis, design of architecture, development of data models, software development, data recovery plans, testing and implementation.
  • Hands-on design and development of leading-edge software solutions for Internet, Chemical, Financial, Telecommunications, Airline and Pharmaceutical industries.


Reandevou Software

Feb 2008 – Current

Senior Mobile Developer 

Develop mobile applications utilizing GPS, gesture, in-app purchase, accelerometer, web services. To date, development efforts are over 30+ applications for the company and individual consumers. The range of application development: Games, Publishing, Video, GPS Tracking and Shopping.

Tacori – Developed an iPad application for one of the largest jewelry retailers. The application assist customer in their purchase, through an intuitive interface for selecting that special wedding ring.

Comcast – Xfinity iPad Application – Work with a team of 10 to develop Comcast Xfinity iPad application. Work from specifications to develop the interactive interface. Also worked with 3rd party companies on implementation of DRV encryption and playback of On-Demand video playback.

Fredrick Goldman – Designing an iPad application for the nations largest jewelry manufacture. The iPad application provides a FlipBoard style magazine for displaying their bridal jewelry, as well as diamonds and gem stone fashion jewelry for men and women. 

          Spark Networks – The nations largest relationship software company. Mentored staff members on the fundamentals of mobile application design, strategies for delivering large mobile applications and design considerations.  

Dietville – Developed/Developed a social weight loss Facebook and mobile application that helps people mange their weight loss. Dietville is “The Biggest Loser” meets “Farmville” with avatars that display your weight loss and your weight loss buddies.

Muviez Pad  – Developed a Muviez iPad application that will take full advantage of the Apple iPad product. The application has the look and feel of a website with the gesture features of an iPhone. The iPad applications uses push notification, continuous download, media player and in app purchasing.


Socialites – Developed as a prototype of an avatar based social network. A users can designed their own avatar in their likeness, interact with other avatars through push notification chat, design their own homes and vote on others.

Travel Buddy  – Designed and developed a hotel booking application using the partners (Hotels.com) backend. The application uses GPS, XML Web services.

HHC Books – Worked with a health care book publisher to develop an unique book reader for their industry.

Lightning Gaming

Feb 2006 – Feb 2008

Senior Developer/Architect (Consultant)

Designed/Developed the next generation game engine from concept to first GLI approved release for casino usage.

  • Developed a multi-game platform engine for entertainment and casino table usage.
  • The platform is designed to work with custom hardware such as touch screens, Bill acceptors, SAS, cashier and various card readers using XML as the descriptive language for the hardware.
  • Core code development is implemented using Java and Java 3D for the player and center consoles.
  • Implemented and designed the interface for the flagship poker and slots games using the platform with other developers.
  • Developed initial “Electronic PitBoss” wireless table system to interact with table functions and features.
  • Implemented the interface and API to communicate with casino based cash systems.
  • Worked on the table configuration system written in PHP and Java Script.

Technologies: Java, Web 2.0 Technologies

True Ship LLC

Feb 2004 – Oct 2005

Architect (Consultant)

  • Maintain a JAVA web based application, which communicates with UPS Shipping software.
  • Reengineer core components of the system as well as develop new custom components for UPS customers. Extended the product line to include FedX, Post Office, Yahoo and Monster commerce.
  • Upgraded the application interface to JAVA SWING utilizing the MAC interface widgets. Designed appropriate changes to the application to make it MAC and web service enabled for cross platform usage.
  • Developed a high volume application engine for 100K weekly shippers.

Technologies: Java

SBC Communications

Feb 2004 – Mar 2005

Senior Developer (Consultant)

Lead the development of a corporate utilized remote management and surveillance system to monitor all aspects of distributed application instances. This system is part of a larger corporate initiative to reengineer the SBC telephone provisioning process.

  • Designed/Developed the core code which is used to monitor application and its components throughout the SBC network. Agents communicate via http communication protocols to Websphere business components comprising of servlets and java beans.
  • Developed an Object Oriented Database Model using Hibernate java classes for mapping of all applications and components.
  • Worked with development team to design and develop connectors, automation models and external systems (MQSeries, Oracle, Socket Services and Web Services).
  • Designed web customer front-end system using Websphere and Struts technologies.

Technologies: Java J2EE, Websphere, Struts

Entigen Corporation

Feb 2002 – Dec 2003

Core Architect/Developer

Developed the first bioinformatics distributed workbench processing systems servicing 30 universities and institutions worldwide.

  • Designed the core J2EE EJB foundations for the information workbench in a distributed environment for Linux, Windows and Sun operating systems.
  • Utilized the Rational Unified Process methodology (RUP).
  • Developed the peer-to-peer network protocols and distributed messaging strategy using XML and XML Parsers as the message description packets protocol.
  • Designed database schemas that represented DNA sequence objects and structures.
  • Managed a team of 10 developers in the United States and 8 developers in Australia.
  • Worked with scientist to gather systems requirements for installation and customization of the product lines.

Technologies: Java, XML, J2EE

Vitria Technology, California
Dec 1998 – Feb 2002
Senior Developer

Lead the enterprise solutions for vertical markets using the Businessware software product lines. Researched emerging technology trends and applied viable technical solutions to complex telco, institutional and retail business operations. Provide technical guidance, strategic technology planning, and in-depth analytical support enabling software development of over 20 robust, scaleable, efficient systems servicing 30,000 users worldwide

Businessware (C/C++ and Java)

  • Developed enterprise solutions for Telco, Airline and Financial Advisor workstations. Delivered over 500,000 lines of Java code from concept to production. Software projects were a focus in a number of case studies.
  • Utilized the Businessware console to design business processes that is based on the RUP/UML process modeling methodology.
  • Designed and Implemented 100+ process models for large-scale enterprise Businessware systems with values of $5 Million+.
  • Developed Connector technologies from API SDK.
  • Developed solutions to improve real-time integration applications for MQ Series, Oracle and Vantive systems.
  • Provide customers with detailed life cycle blueprints which third party integrators use for implementation.
  • Mentor junior level consultants in the workings of the Businessware product lines and Business Process Methodologies (BPM).
  • Developed tool suites in Java, CORBA, Weblogic and J2EE for integration into Businessware product lines.
  • Developed real-time systems for fortune 100 companies (Telco and  Brokerage).
  • Manage Vitria development teams of 10 – 200 consultants.

Technologies: Java, C/C++, Businessware, XML,Weblogic, IDL, SAP, Oracle

July 1996 – Dec 1998
Emerging Technology Manager

Directs research of emerging technological trends and applies viable technical solutions to complex media distribution business operations. Provide technical guidance, strategic technology planning, and in-depth analytical support enabling software development of over 25 major applications

Technologies: C/C++, COM, Java, DDK

May 1995 – July 1996
Project Manager/Developer

PC Alert System (C/C++ and Delphi, SYBASE)

  • Developed an Object Oriented Database Model using C++ for mapping of all inventoried hardware. Collected and consolidated equipment specifications. Created data classifications for circuits and equipment. Built initial equipment and circuit models.

May 1996 – May 1996
Satellite Software Consultant/Project Leader

Head-End Reduction Project

  • Led a team that created a low cost satellite receiver for Digital Data. Coordinated the configuration and installation of 400 pieces of new hardware. Customized proprietary package yielding net savings of approximately 3.2 million dollars.
  • Designed an implementation plan to ensure smooth transition during future upgrades of software and hardware.

STARNET, Philadelphia
November 1994 – May 1995
Satellite Software Consultant/Project Leader 

  • Designed and developed a Multiplex Satellite Transmission software using C/C++.
  • Optimized satellite transmission rates up to T1 speed to utilize full capacity of bandwidth for data transmission.

NOVA CARE, King of Prussia, PA
March 1994 – November 1994
Lead Programmer/Analyst

Patient Care System (Re-engineering Project)

  • Designed and developed with project team a nationwide Data Administration System written with Windows 32 bit SDK/MFC to monitor, and report on data transmission.
  • Installed and administered a test facility using Windows NT, Windows for Work group, and OS/2.

ARCO CHEMICAL, Newtown Square, PA
March 1992 – October 1994
Software Consultant/Project Leader 

Designed and developed a Sales Automation System which took advantage of a wide area network. This system allowed the sales force to upload and download sales orders at the client site. Real-time delivery, price and quote capabilities were added to increase the productivity of the sales force.

April 1991 – March 1992
Software Consultant/Network Administrator

Designed and developed real-time stock portfolio system which tracked clients stock portfolio’s and sales of stocks by broker.

June 1990 – April 1991
Software Consultant

Developed and programmed a Real Estate Portfolio System which tracked mortgage foreclosures, transfers and buyouts.

September 1989 – June 1990
Software/Hardware Engineer

Developed and programmed a three major systems Mortgage Tracking, Foreclosure, and Commission System.

Philadelphia May 1989 – June 1994

Developed and programmed a Stock Options system with real time stock quotes, year-to-date, and minute-to-minute stock reports.

Manhattan College, Riverdale, New York, Bachelor of Science, and Major: Computer Science

Available upon request